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950 East Paces Ferry Road
Atlanta Plaza, Suite 2195
Atlanta, Georgia 30326


WordRake is a new proofreading software editor for Microsoft Office, this program was created specifically for lawyers. As an add-on to Microsoft Word, it “rakes” your documents in search of unnecessary and obtuse words, WordRake suggests edits to make your writing clear.


Camp Jam is the brain child of rock and roller Jeff Carlisi (founding member and lead guitarist of .38 Special) and entrepreneur, Dan Lipson. Founded in 2004, the venture has grown to over 17 cities in the US and Canada and is expanding beyond its core audience of children to the market of corporate programming […]

SJ Pharmaceuticals

SJ Pharmaceuticals is a 30 year old family-owned pharmacy company. The core business is the marketing and distribution of prescription drug products focused in the fields of respiratory, urology and cardiology. Ellura, a direct-to-consumer offering, is their new over-the-counter nutraceutical product.

TopRight Partners

TopRight is a strategic marketing and consulting services firm founded in 2006 by consultants from top firms (McKinsey, Booz & Company, CSC Index), former Chief Marketing Officers and senior practitioners in sales, marketing and applied technologies. We help clients move their business to the TopRight.

CapitalMark Bank & Trust

An investment in a financial institution where clients have a personalized, one-on-one service they want from a bank and the expertise they expect from their banker. The “One Bank” approach challenges the traditional multi-branch banking model with the belief that clients prefer to access their bank with multiple channels.

Trophikos Nutritive Health

Trōphikōs, LLC is a dynamic and emerging company committed to offering a new standard of nutritional supplements – products that are proven through science and manufactured according to the highest regulatory standards to ensure their safety and efficacy.


An interactive site for amateur musicians to play along with their favorite hits. Jamling features hit songs that are downloaded to a recording application, allowing the user to listen to the song in its entirety or to isolate the instrument track and learn the part.

Silhouette Building

The Silhouette Building, a 10-Story tower featuring a 9-story mural on this midtown building signifies first building art of its kind in Atlanta. The building was positioned as the new location in Atlanta for the creative community to do business.